Erittäin ohut pusero jota voi käyttää lisälämpönä ajopaidan päällä tai ajotakin alla.

Miellyttävää ja joustavaa Litrax materiaalia joka sitoo lämpöä sekä johtaa hyvin kosteutta ulos.

Tämä tuote kuuluu seuraaviin tuotepaketteihin:

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Elite Pro pusero

Elite Pro pusero

  • Elite Pro pusero
  • Elite Pro pusero


The external fabric with hydro oil repellent features, rejects water with a perlant effect leaving the fabric as dry as possible. This feature avoids these elementes to penetrate in the fibers therefore it facilitates the cleanliness of the garment.

The internal fabric with hydrophilic features absorbs body sweat and humidity guaranteeing M2V membrane fabric to expel more humidity. In this way the skin will remain dry improving the confort during physical activities.

Bi-elastic fabric stretching in both directions for great fit and comfort 

 BREATHABLE: Breathable fabrics ensure proper circulation of air, optimising ventilation and, consequently, the rapid wicking away of humidity, thus ensuring greater comfort of use.

Material reflecting light in the dark

Fabric binding with multi-thread stretch seams resulting in flat seams retaining elasticity in both directions.

LITRAX L2 THERMO is a fibre technology that uses organic nanoparticles and compounds derived from bamboo. Litrax improves heat insulation, retaining the heat produced by your body and releasing it very slowly. Other properties are UV protection and optimal moisture wicking. Litrax was chosen as one of the five most innovative fibres for the fall-winter 2014/2015 season at ISPO.


- Made with LITRAX® bi-elastic 2-layer fabric with internal lining. - Flatlock seams.
- Tight pattern. Can be used as intermediate layer.
- 3 back pockets.
- Front Nylon zip with anti-slip puller.
- 360º reflective elements and inserts.